Michael Joseph Jackson
Nickname(s) King of Pop
Job(s) Singer
Status Deceased
Birth August 29, 1958
Death June 25, 2009

Michael Joseph Jackson was an American recording artist and pop singer. He is often made fun of by Rucka Rucka Ali, because of his bleached skin-color, gender-change, and his 2005 child molestation charges. He died in 2009, by overdose of drugs. (Thank God. One less motherfucking child predator on this planet.)



  • "Hi, kids. My name is Michael."
  • "I could sing like I found Jesus. Hey there, kids! Have you seen my penis?"
  • "Come here, Blanket. Let me spank it. Without kids, we'd be extinct."
  • "I could buy anything. I bought The Beatles. I need needles to put me to sleep."
  • "I'm home alone. Oh no, I'm scared!"
  • "Macaulay! Come over and hold me! Here, come ride my ferris wheel. Milk and cookies. Cookies."
  • "I have a chimp named Bubbles. He likes to cuddle and never says no."
  • "I like the dick in my ass. And I don't do the moon walk, I do the son run."
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