This is for Rucka Rucka Ali's biggest fans only. The ones that own all albums. The ones that go to Detroit just to see his house. The ones that fall asleep on their keyboards with a beer in their left hand. The ones that only have Rucka on their iPods. The ones that have Ching Chang Chong as their ringtone. The diehard fans.


Just copy/paste this template onto your userpage.

Credit goes to Mace170

Music This user is a Music Jammer!



  • Do NOT insult people, unless it is obvious to EVERYONE that you mean no harm. We've had too much of that.
  • Go ahead and get a little off topic, as long as the blog owner says it's alright.
  • Must have at least a little interest in every one of Rucka's songs.
  • Ask one of the active founders if you can join, and do not add your name to the list until you get a response.

Requirments Edit

  • Have at least 50 edits
  • Must love to jam out.

New ProjectEdit

To pass out with headphones in your ears....

Fix up the new Songs and the List of Songs page.

Goals as a groupEdit

  1. To edit the Songs pages until they are perfect.
  2. To add several thousand million views to each of his songs.
  3. To have loads of fun talking about music.


The section is to only be edited by senior members.

* Marks member as a senior.

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